Great Webinar Opportunity!

Join Us for Our January Webinar!
Accommodations and Modifications: What Paraeducators Need to Know

January 16, 2020 | 7:00pm – 8:00PM EST

Do you work with students who receive special education services? Do you know what accommodations and modifications they are entitled to in their Individualized Education Program (IEP)? Do you have a clear understanding of your role in providing them? This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of accommodations and modifications, how they differ, and the process through which they are determined for individual students. Examples of a variety of accommodations and modifications that support instruction will be reviewed.

Lynn Goss, Special Education Paraeducator, St. Croix Central Middle School, Hammond, WI
Tresina Alvested, Special Education Teacher, McQuerry Elementary, Odessa, MO

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Schools and Community Outreach by Educators (SCORE) Grants

The Illinois Education Association announces the availability of grant funds. The purpose of SCORE is to encourage early career members and their local associations to collaborate and create opportunities for community service projects or school projects. Proposals should be substantive and meaningful. They should build visible foundations for deeper relationships with students, families and communities. Additionally, IEA wants to foster the deeper value of the association in the life of our members and identify new leaders to carry forth the mission and goals of IEA.


Word of the day: Gratitude!

Gratitude…something so simple but…so powerful at the same time. I am grateful to be able to have my dream job and have had these past two weeks to rest and spend with family. I understand that many ESPs must work multiple jobs and winter break can be a time of additional stress. Please know that your ESP Council is here to be an added resource for you and your local.

I’m grateful for each and everyone of you! I’m grateful for all you do and realize many of you face unspoken challenges and yet give everything you have for your students.

I pray you enjoy these last few days of winter break. I wish you good health, rest, and an abundance of love today and all through this year. You deserve it.


ESP Mentoring ESP – I need your help

My local was chosen to participate in the National Education Association ESP mentoring program. Myself, the ESP vice-president of my local and our Uniserve director will be traveling to Washington DC in January. We will be working with a NEA mentoring team that will help us create a framework for an ESP program that will work specifically for our local and school district. This is where I need your help.

Do you have an ESP mentoring program in your district? What works? What doesn’t?

Do you wish you had an ESP mentoring program? What would you like it to look like? What topics would you like to see covered in this program, ie autism education, behavior management?

Please fill out the information below and help me help my team create the best framework for our ESPs.