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Hello Las Vegas and NEA ESP CONFERENCE!

ESPs from around the country are coming together in Las Vegas to attend the NEA ESP Conference. This is a premier conference helping ESPs to develop greater skills in many areas. Just a few topics include sessions that enhance a wide variety of job category skills, ACES: Building Resilient Students, Organizing, and Racial Justice. #WeLoveOurESP

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ESP RISE Award Passed House

Great news! With a vote of 387-19, the House overwhelmingly passed HR276, a bill to honor education support professionals (ESP), who play an essential role in keeping students safe, challenged, engaged, supported, and healthy in our public schools and communities.

HR276 would create the RISE Award, an annual recognition through the Dep. of Ed that would put a national spotlight on the commitment and professionalism of ESP careers.

A huge thank you to @repdinatitus & @RepSusieLee for championing this bill. We’ve worked with fellow labor organizations and unions on this legislation for many years. While this is a victory, we’ll continue to see this journey through until this bill becomes law. #WeLoveOurESP

Education Support Professionals


School code: Education Support Personnel HB 921 Would allow an ESP who has been RIF’d and then hired back within one year of the RIF notice, to retain all seniority rights and benefits that would have been afforded them if they had never been laid off. The IEA supports this Illinois Federation of Teachers initiative. The bill passed out of the Education Committee and now resides on the House floor.

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ESP of the Year Award

In 1995, the lEA Representative Assembly passed a New Business Item establishing the ESP of the Year Award. This award is meant to further emphasize the contributions of Education Support Professionals to their association, their schools, and their communities.

Nomination Form


To insure the widest possible participation, the nomination procedure for the ESP of the Year Award shall be as follows:

  • Each local association affiliate can submit one nominee through their local president.
  • Any member of the IEA Board of Directors may also submit one nomination.
  • Only one application per individual will be accepted. (If multiple applications for the same individual are received, application eligibility will be determined by the earliest received.)
  • Members of the ESP Council and alternates are not eligible for this award.
  • Nominations must be submitted by January 18, 2019.


Download Paper Form

For more information please visit: IEA ESP of the Year Award