About Us

Thank you for visiting the IEA ESP Council website

Illinois Education Association has 29,500 ESP members that take care of our children every day and make sure they have the tools they need to succeed in our schools and classrooms. We are truly the unsung heroes of public education.

We are the…

  • School bus driver who greets students with a warm “hello” and delivers students safely to and from school.
  • Cafeteria worker who gives students a warm, healthy meal.
  • Para-educator who provides students with a little extra help in the classroom.
  • School nurse who comforts sick children.
  • Office assistant who makes sure student records are up to date.
  • Technician who wires the classroom computers.
  • Custodian who works to keep the school environment safe and clean.
  • Security professional who help keep students and school employees safe.
  • And so many other invaluable members of the education team. They meet the needs of the whole student, ensuring that students achieve at their highest levels. 

You are a valuable asset to your students, school, and community. Please let us know how we can assist you.

Charge-of the ESP Council is to:

  1. Help promote and support IEA initiatives and goals to support ESP members.
  2. Raise awareness of the work of various ESP roles within schools and build relationships between teacher and ESP members.
  3. Review legislation affecting ESP members at the state and national level and increase lobbying efforts on the issues.
  4. Review/Select IEA ESP Of The Year.
  5. Recruit possible participants for the NEA ESP Conference; make recommendations to the IEA President for selection of IEA funded participants to the NEA ESP Conference.
  6. Collaborate in planning the annual One Conference.
  7. Plan and Promote ESP focused professional development.
  8. Report to the IEA Board about the status of the ongoing work of the charges.
  9. Prepare a report for the IEA RA and a final report to the IEA President.
Education Support Professionals: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Student

1 thought on “About Us”

  1. Start following ALL science, not just a leftist, socialist takeover. Masks aren’t keeping us healthy, vaccines aren’t safe for everyone! And existing medications are field proven against Covid.

    Start truly supporting people and not politicians.

    Also…you aren’t looking out for our kids by pushing political agendas instead of classical (actual) education! Reading, writing and arithmetic are the only things our schools should be doing. Parents can handle parenting!


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