Vote to protect your pension in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) Trustee election

The IEA recommends our own Hugh Cunningham, co-president of the Triad Custodial and Maintenance Association, and Tracie Mitchell, an emergency communication specialist and the recording secretary for AFSCME Local 268. Hugh and Tracie will advocate for the retirement security of all IMRF participants.

You are eligible to vote in this trustee election if you were an active IMRF member during the month of September. A ballot and postage-paid return envelope were mailed at the end of October to all active ESPs.

Please fill out the ballot for two candidates, Hugh Cunningham and Tracie Mitchell. Ballots must be returned by Dec. 4.

Please download this poster and place it in your break room on the association board.


November’s ESP Council Roundtable

Discussion Topic: ESPs Bargaining in the New Normal

November 19th, 2020


Attention all Education Support Professionals (“ESP”):

You are invited to attend the IEA ESP Council’s November roundtable where the discussion will include the successes and challenges ESPs are currently facing. Special guest, Uniserv Director Jill Lee out of the IEA Minooka office will offer important insight and resources for ESPs as they prepare for bargaining in this turbulent time.   Participants can share their best practice and gather new ideas to enhance their job duties.

Please join us as we learn, discover, and advocate for ESP throughout Illinois. Your ESP Council is here to support you during this trying time and beyond. If you have any questions or would like more information, please comment below.


Did You Know?

Did you know that IEA can bring professional development to you and your school district? The IEA will work with you and your school district to tailor professional development specially for your district. This is done usually at little to no cost.

During this stressful time districts may be more receptive for the support to help plan, prepare, and present useful and relevant professional development for all staff. This also is a great way for members to experience another IEA membership benefit.


EMELT Virtual Conference

November 6th-7th

Registration is now open. Space is extremely limited and this year it’s only for Illinois residents due to the pandemic. Welcome to the IEA Ethnic Minority and Emerging Leadership VIRTUAL Training Program!Due to the global pandemic, the Ethnic Minority & Emerging Leadership Training (EMELT) will be conducted as a virtual conference and will be FREE to members. https://web.cvent.com/…/813be191-af83-4a86…/summary…


The Deadline for ESP of the Year is Approaching!!

The deadline to submit an application for ESP of the Year is December 18th and will be here before you know it. As far as I know NO application has been submitted for this years ESPOTY. We know there are so many ESPs that are just plain awesome and equally qualified for this award!!! Please share this information and encourage local presidents to nominate an ESP for this prestigious award.

ESP of the Year Award | Illinois Education Association