Members Can Now Enroll Online!

We have great news – members can now enroll online!

  1. Visit ieanea.org and click the “Join Us” link or visit join.ieanea.org.
  2. Members will complete the online enrollment application.
    • An email will be sent to local leaders, letting them know an individual has submitted an enrollment application for verification of membership eligibility and membership type for dues deduction.
      • If the individual is not a member of the bargaining unit, the local leader should contact their region office and request to have the individual cancelled from the local’s roster.
      • If the individual’s membership type category is not correct, they are instructed to reach out to the region office to have the membership type changed.
  3. The new member receives a confirmation email once their application is complete and receives a welcome email once their application is processed.

Please help us in welcoming your new members!