Spring Voting Coming Soon

All NEA RA nominations forms are due soon. Check your local IEA office to confirm nomination deadline.

As a member of the Illinois Education Association-NEA you possess the unique opportunity to participate in the democratic selection of your local, regional, statewide and national officers. A couple weeks ago you should have received a publication in the mail that alerts you to the election of your representatives to the 2020 NEA Representative Assembly. Be involved in the selection of your leaders.

You can find spring election nomination forms for various open seats:

  • State Delegate to NEA RA
  • ESP Council Chairperson
  • ESP Council Vice Chairperson
  • ESP Council Member
  • ESP Thnic Minority Council Member (1 yr term)
  • ESP So./Central Alternate (1 yr term)
  • ESP No./Central Alternate (2 yr term)
  • ESP Suburban Representative
  • ESP Suburban Alternate

Your voice matters! You can make a difference in the lives of our students, communities, and members. It’s always better to get involved!! #StrongerUnited