Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

Tomorrow a fellow ESP colleague and I, along with our IEA staff uniserv director will travel to Washington DC to represent our Local.

Several months ago NEA sent out a call to ESP locals who were interested in developing a mentoring program. I applied and my local was chosen to have a team travel to Washington DC and work with NEA staff to develop a plan specific for my district. What will this look like? That is yet to be determined, but I am excited to be able to be apart of this.

I truly love working in education and at Troy. You may disagree but I think I have the best students and work with the most dedicated staff around. My goal this weekend is to be fully committed to working with our team and creating a framework on which we can build a program that will benefit not only our amazing ESPs but our whole staff and students.

I know unions make a difference!! I will make a difference. My colleagues deserve it….our students deserve it!!

YOU DESERVE IT TOO!! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your local please contact your IEA ESP Council. We are here to assist area locals throughout ALL of Illinois. We would be happy to assist you. Thank you for what you do everyday!!