Congratulations ESP STAR Award recipients

Sheldon Harris
Lyons Township Paraeducators Association
Region 59

Sheldon Harris, ESP STAR Award recipient, is a paraeducator at Lyons Township High School.

Sheldon is always working to meet the needs of not only his students, but all those in the classroom who can benefit from his insight. As a 10-plus year veteran of education, he lays out thoughtful options for students to help them with their schoolwork as well as the many emotional needs that students struggle with on a regular basis.

Colleagues describe Sheldon as firm but also compassionate. He encounters every obstacle with a win-win attitude, working alongside his students to help them succeed. And, his great work doesn’t end when school lets out for the day. Sheldon is an assistant football coach and above all else a wonderful role model. Congratulations Sheldon!

Travis Simmons
Pontiac Education Association #429
Region 62

Travis Simmons, ESP STAR Award recipient, is the building assistant, ISS supervisor and a coach at Pontiac Junior High School.

Travis has been involved in education for many years as a substitute teacher, a teaching assistant working with behaviorally challenged students in alternative schools and as a crossing guard while at the elementary school.

Recently assigned to the junior high school, Travis is the in-school suspension supervisor, building assistant and lunchroom supervisor. Staff members find Travis to be an integral part of their classroom. Aside from his daily responsibilities in the classroom, Travis is also a track coach and helps with the cross country team, as needed.

Travis has been on both sides of a union. As a former Caterpillar employee, he knew how important unions were for employee rights. Working in the education field, he knows how important his local is for the well-being of students and staff. Congratulations Travis!