Resources For E-Learning and Covid-19

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For IEA Board of Directors, Local Presidents and Staff

IEA leaders are involved in daily conversations with education stakeholders as plans continuously evolve regarding the rest of the academic year in Illinois. Please know that in these conversations, IEA will be looking to make sure several things happen:

  • Everyone – students, members and your families – can stay safe and healthy;
  • Members remain whole as a contributing member to our economy, which will take a huge blow as a result of the pandemic;
  • Students see as much success as possible under these unconventional circumstances;
  • And, that there is flexibility granted to schedules, work locations, assignments and conditions. This is all new, but work must still be done and we are all going to have to join together to find ways to accomplish it.

We’re hearing wonderful stories from all over the state about educators doing wonderful things – from unique remote learning techniques to providing food or internet to underserved communities. We’re not surprised. And, we’re so very proud. Thank you! Thank you for always coming through for Illinois’ students.

But, we know that it can be an anxious and frightening time, too. For information on what is happening in your local area, please reach out to your local association leaders. If you don’t know who those people are, feel free to contact IEA Connect through the chat button at the bottom of this page, by email or by phone at 844-IEA-1800.

COVID-19 is tough, but we’re tougher.

We’re here to help, with advice for engaging students online, strategies for maintaining support for the most vulnerable, words of encouragement, ways to alleviate stress and avoid burnout, and more.

4 thoughts on “Resources For E-Learning and Covid-19”

  1. I work in a special ED class where our students are sick a lot. They have always been students that have been sick more often than general ED students. I feel we should be even more cautious without our students and their symptoms for this reason. Unfortunately I feel like the district nurse is more lenient with our students in regards to the COVID symptoms list we are to go by in order to send them home. We have a list of symptoms and the form specifically says if a student has any 1 of those symptoms they are to be sent home. Well our students are not always sent home. We have even been instructed with one of our students he has to show a fever 3 consecutive times, 20 minutes apart along with 2 other symptoms before we can send him home, because his doctor said his body doesn’t regulate body temperature well. I understand having to check his temperature more than once, but why does he have to have 2 other symptoms on top of that before he can be sent home. I personally have missed over 3 weeks of school since the beginning of school due to being sick and each time I get am tested fir COVID, but have come back negative. As of the 26th of this month I will be out of my 24 COVID days we are allowed. The reason I say all of that is I have never missed that many days in an entire school year, and I feel if our students were sent home when they have 1 of the symptoms on the list and either be tested for COVID or seen by a doctor that I would not have missed so many days am due to being sick. After the 16th of November I will have to use my personal sick days and I’m afraid if things keep going the way they are now I will run out of days. I just need some clarification on this situation so I can understand more. Should they be more lenient on our students because they typically sick more often or should they be more cautious. It just concerns me fir their safety and the worker’s safety. I am not wanting anyone to get in trouble I just want to understand. Thank you for your time.


    1. I completely understand for your concern. This is a very stressful time. Have you reached out to your principal and discuss your concerns? Possibly you could request additional PPE for your and the students safety. If you are not satisfied with the answers from your administration please bring your problems to your local union building rep or executive team? I know many districts have different policies on this matter. Sometimes students health concerns makes it difficult and stressful to tell the difference between ailments.


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