In Our Desire To Get Kids Back To School, It’s Selfish To Not Consider The Health/Safety Of Educators

Like so many parents, even though fall is still a few months away, I’ve been thinking non-stop about WTF is going to happen when (and if) schools reopen. Will my kids’ school district be able to offer options that seem educationally and socially appropriate while also keeping my kids safe? Could we handle another potentially disastrous few months of distance learning? What would the risks be to my children if I did end up sending them back?

My instinct right now is that there is no way returning to school can be made safe enough for me to send my children back. I mean, enclosed spaces are known vectors of COVID-19, and half of the grown ups I see walking around town can’t properly wear a mask—how the heck would a room full of third graders pull this off? I just can’t imagine that school would be a safe or a happy place for my kids.

But. The other thing that I don’t really talk about is that my husband is a teacher, and I’m worried sick about him having to go back to work. My husband loves his job, and his students love him back. His school has very successfully implemented distance learning and he diligently sat at his desk at home from March-June delivering awesome virtual lessons to his middle school students.


Celebrating ESPs

ESPs are an integral part in the success of our students. Many ESPs go beyond their job description, to make a difference in both schools and communities.

Check out these great ESP Resources:

  • ESP Coloring Books-English and Spanish
  • A Guide to Celebrate National Education Support Professionals Day
  • ESP: Ensuring Student and School Success Hand Out Card
  • ESP: School Superheroes Hand Out Card
  • ESP: Ensuring Student and School Success Learning Poster
  • Celebrate ESP Day Learning Poster
  • ESP School Superheroes: Keeping Students and Schools Safe Learning Poster

Tacoma schools superintendent gets raise at same meeting paraeducators are laid off

The Tacoma Public Schools Board of Directors on Thursday approved a new contract for Superintendent Carla Santorno, which includes a salary increase of around $9,000.

The decision drew criticism when, immediately after the approval of the superintendent’s new contract, the school board also voted to approve layoffs for numerous paraeducators.

“Frankly, it feels like a slap in the face when her monthly salary is what most paras make in a year,” Kari Madden, a 13-year Tacoma paraeducator who had her hours cut next year, told The News Tribune through text. “I recognize she has a tough job, however I struggle to see the rationalization of that amount she was making before but especially taking a large raise during a pandemic.”


2020 One Conference Canceled

2020 One Conference: Due to the COVID 19 situation, the 2020 One Conference will not be taking place as planned this year. Some of the constituency groups are planning to offer periodic virtual sessions to their members over the course of the year in place of the conference.  Look for the conference to return on October 1-2, 2021.


If you have student loan debt or if your children do…or will in the future. This may be the most important webinar you can attend.

[Webinar] Student Debt Relief for Educators Now


Thu, Jun 25, 3:00pm–4:00pm EDT-Notice Eastern timeThu, Jun 25, 7:00pm–8:00pm EDT-Notice Eastern timeJoin experts in student loan law to help you:

  • Lower your student loan payments before the payment suspension expires in September 2020;
  • Fight for broader suspension and loan cancellation in current COVID relief legislation;
  • Put yourself on the path to get your current debt canceled under the Teacher Loan Forgiveness and Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs.

Together we can create a plan to combat your debt, advocate for urgent relief action from Congress, and elect future leaders who support canceling student debt and reforming the student loan system.

FYI-A Note From Me – I am currently enrolled in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. Please if you have student loans, or your kids have student loans….or they will in the future, please attend this webinar to find out more information.


NEA – Vote-by-Mail National Day of Action

Time: Saturday, Jun 27 @ 11:00-12:30pm central time

About this event

The 2020 election is too important to wait! Voting by mail has opened up across the country and has made it easier than ever to vote from home, according to your busy schedule.

Voting by mail is a safe, convenient way to ensure educators’ voices are heard this election, and we need your help getting fellow members signed up to vote by mail in the 2020 election.

Join fellow educators for a nationwide Hustle-bank and Zoom party where we will text fellow members messages to encourage them to vote by mail this year. Don’t worry text messages will come from an NEA phone number!

Don’t know the vote by mail rules? Don’t know how to use Hustle? No problem! We will provide you all the information and training you need to help inform others of how to access their ballots in this important election.