Today, is the last day of the NEA RA

Just a few of the amazing guests at this year’s National Edcation Association Representative Assembly……so far! So many powerful conversations!!

As great as it is to hear from these powerful speakers, it is more important to remember that it is our voice and vote that put’s them in that position. All of our votes matter! Even though this NEA RA is virtual, we have been very busy conducting important business. Voting…using our voices to lead and direct this organization. We have been voting on New Business Items, Constitutional Amendments, Legistlative platforms, and a host of other things that will help support our students, protect, and strengthen public education and benefit our members.

Thank you to ALL of the delegates who are participating in this representative Assembly.

Let’s finish strong!! We are NEA!!!


2021 NEA ESP of the Year, Kimberly Scott-Hayden

“And here’s the bottom line: we are all educators. Whether or not, we come into direct contact with students, we are part of the public education system that helps to build their success.”We’re so inspired by our 2021 NEA ESP of the Year, Kimberly Scott-Hayden.

Thank you Kimberly Scott-Hayden for representing education support professionals so well! Yes, all public school employees, whether you work directly with students or not, are essential to the success of our students, colleagues, and communities. Imagine if there were no bus drivers, custodians, or any of our fabulous categories. Our students education experience would suffer. Never doubt your importance!! YOU ARE ESSENTIAL!!


House Bill 2643-IEA Update! ESP Unemployment Legislation

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July 1, 2021

Over the weekend, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed House Bill 2643, the legislation that extends unemployment insurance for non-instructional school employees until Sept. 4. It goes into effect immediately.

The legislation allows noninstructional, research or primarily administrative employees of educational employers are eligible to receive unemployment compensation during periods between academic terms or seasonal breaks, even if they have a “reasonable assurance” of returning to work in the next academic year.

IEA is sending out an email to members today to inform them about this measure and also provide information about the federal child tax credit money that will be flowing into many members’ bank accounts on July 15. In addition, IEA will be sharing the following resources: