Can Education Support Professionals Get Unemployment This Summer?

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Can Education Support Professionals Get Unemployment This Summer?

I’ve had a few members contact me to see if education support professionals will be eligible for unemployment insurance this summer. Unfortunately, support staff will not be eligible to collect unemployment benefits this summer. The spring legislative session was extremely abbreviated, though IEA did push and advocate for it to be extended again, it was not picked up for renewal. 

Are you frustrated about this? Then bring your voice and power to the table and join the rESPect Campaign! This is just one of the many issues and benefits the rESPect campaign is fighting for. This campaign is a new initiative lead by educational support professional members with the support of IEA staff to bring RESPECT to ALL of our ESP members. Please go to www.iearespect.org to learn more and join. We are in the organizing and growing stage and encourage you and ALL of your colleagues and neighbors to join the campaign.

We have BIG expectations for change! This will not be easy and most of our goals will take legislative action. That is why we need you, your colleagues, your neighbors, and all public education allies to join our movement! Share this on your social media and sign up to join today!!