2022 ESPs: Supporting Our Own Through Peer Mentoring Blended Learning Course

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The National Education Association recognizes the vital role Education Support Professionals (ESPs) play in ensuring a great public school for every student. That’s why, through this blended learning course, we’re working with members and affiliates to build and support ESP peer mentoring programs. Through peer mentoring, ESPs can receive the specialized, targeted workplace preparation and support that empower ESPs in the workplace, advance their professional excellence, and build the education systems that all our students and members deserve.

To date, NEA has worked with nearly 50 teams to develop ESP peer mentoring programs, many of whom have gone on to build their unique programs. While each program’s design, scale, and scope varies by local context, they all have become powerful catalysts for creating opportunities that have been transformative for both ESPs and the Association. Through these programs, deeper, less transactional relationships have been developed with ESP members and more collaborative and connective partnerships have been built with school districts and universities.

Learn more about the mentoring journey of two of our previous mentoring course participants:

2022 ESPs: Supporting Our Own Through Peer Mentoring Blended Learning Course

  • The course begins June 16 and ends August 11, 2022.
  • The course is facilitated by ESP leaders who have developed and coordinated ESP mentoring programs.
  • The course can be taken as an individual or a team (organized around a local or state association). 

While we allow individual participation, we still highly encourage learners to participate in teams. Small teams of 3-4 learners will maximize the course experience. Teams offer the unique knowledge, skills, experiences, and resources needed for building an ESP mentoring program that individuals on their own often cannot.  We also highly encourage the inclusion of state staff and employer representatives in your teams.

  • The course will be offered through NEA’s learning management system (NEAe3) and is organized around four learning modules in these formats:
  • Self-study: Individual work completed by each learner at their own pace. 
  • Webinars: Large group learning with all participants in the course.

Please share this new learning opportunity with local leaders and staff interested in advancing ESP professional excellence through peer mentoring!

Applications are now being accepted. All applications must be submitted by May 11, at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

Learn more and apply at: www.nea.org/espmentoringcourse. For questions, contact ESPMentoring@nea.org.


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