Who are Education Support Professionals? Why are they important?

We are the…

  • school bus driver who transports students to and from school safely and are the first person to greet them in the morning and last to say goodbye as they return home. In addition to driving, often in bad weather or heavy traffic, they are responsible for first aid and emergency evacuation procedures, student conduct and discipline, and the safe transportation of students with special needs.
  • cafeteria worker who ensures that students have access to safe and nutritious meals and ensure that school districts are complying with the federal free and reduced meal guidelines.
  • paraeducator who performs professional responsibilities that contribute directly to student achievement by providing direct services to students and their families including academic, social emotional, behavioral, medical and life skills supports for general education, English Language Learners, and students with special needs to ensure all students receive fair and equitable educational opportunities.
  • school nurse who performs a wide variety of health assistance that improves and protects student health and welfare. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to traditional tasks of providing first aid, monitoring immunizations, conducting health screenings, and assisting sick and injured children.
  • office assistant who interact daily with students, parents and staff. Responsibilities include but are not limited to, processing and maintaining vital, confidential data and student records.
  • technician who leads the effort to maintain high standards of technology and communication in our schools. They install, repair, and upgrade computers and networks that enable the timely communication of essential information between parents, school district employees, and students.
  • security professional who has a clear understanding of not only security techniques, but also the unique nature of the school population they work with.
  • plus many other job categories that are essential for the support of our students, families, and communities.

We are essential for the success of our students, families, and communities.