Education Support Professionals Are Essential For Student Success! We Deserve To Be Treated With RESPECT!

Who are ESPs?

We are the…

  • school bus driver who is the first person to greet students in the morning and delivers them safely to and from school
  • cafeteria worker who supports students nutritional needs by providing a warm, healthy meal
  • paraeducator who helps students become successful scholars with a little extra support
  • school nurse who cares for the health and needs of all students
  • office assistant who makes sure records are up to date and the school day runs smoothly
  • technician who keeps our computers running and students and teachers connected
  • custodian who works to keep the school environment safe and clean
  • security professional who help keep students and school employees safe
  • and many more essential ESP career families within our school community!

Without ESPs school buildings wouldn’t open, teachers wouldn’t have the resources they need to do the near-impossible jobs they are tasked to do, and students wouldn’t have the support they need to become successful scholars! We are ESP!! We deserve RESPECT !!

Be on the lookout for some very big news coming from the ESP Council and IEA very soon!!