A Heart Touching Story: How One School Bus Driver Is Making A Difference

I saw this post on my school districts parent FB page and just had to share. Jeff Grigoletti is one of the fabulous school bus drivers who works for the Troy 30c School District in Plainfield, Il. This is his post:

(Meanwhile, on this dark and rainy Elementary run this afternoon…)

Students: Mr. Jeff, Emma is crying!

Me: Dispatch, pulling over for a sec. (Pulls overs and walks to student and kneels next to crying student)

Me: What’s wrong Emma?

Emma: It’s too dark in here!

Me: Okay. (Turns on interior lights and starts driving again)

Me: Better?

Emma: Yes

Students: Mr. Jeff, William is crying!

Me: Dispatch, pulling over … again. (Pulls over walks to and kneels next to sobbing student)

Me: What’s up William?

William: You’re driving ….through big puddles …and it’s too loud!

Me: Seriously? Okay, here’s what we’ll do. When I’m coming up to a big puddle, I’ll yell ‘PUDDLE’ and you put your fingers in your ear. Then look at me and I’ll give you a thumbs up when we are past the puddle. Okay buddy?

It was a long ride……

Jeff’s act of kindness is just one example of how important ESPs are for our students to receive the quality education they deserve and how classroom teachers and communities get the support they need. If you know of an ESP that deserves recognition for the amazing things they do please nominate them for the IEA ESP Star Award. Click the link below for more information. Nominate an ESP in your local for the ESP Star Award today.

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