Your Voice Matters! Contact Your Representative Today!

We are fighting to pass the COVID School Employee Benefit and Wage Protection Bill (House Bill 2778) in the Illinois legislature and we need your help calling our state representatives now and telling them to vote in favor of our bill. We only have three days to do it –
during veto session Oct. 26-28.
The COVID School Employee Benefit and Wage Protection Bill:Requires districts provide COVID administrative days to any school or college employees to be used for all COVID related absences like quarantining and testing;Provides paycheck protection for hourly employees. This means if you’re an hourly employee and your school or higher education institution has to close due to any COVID-related reason, you would still receive your full paycheck.To Take Action, click the button to complete a short form and then receive a call from E.A. Advocacy to connect to your state representative. It’s that simple!
Take Action
 Here’s a sample script for you to use when you are connected to your State Representative’s office:My name is YOUR NAME. I am an educator in YOUR CITY. I support House Bill 2778, the COVID School Employee Benefit and Wage Protection Bill. I encourage you to pass this legislation to protect the benefits and rights of all hard-working school employees.Vote “Aye”, and help us pass the bill over to the Senate;Co-sponsor the bill;Speak in favor of the bill during debate.
Thank you for helping get HB 2778 passed!