IEA Update

  • IEA is working with our labor partners to introduce legislation addressing the use of sick time being used for COVID-19 purposes.  Educational employees returned to work in-person and should not be required to use their own, limited sick time to quarantine or isolate.  Employer provided paid administrative leave is appropriate in these circumstances.
  • IEA is asking local IEA presidents to call their State Senators and State Representatives to advocate for these paid administrative days.  Some locals have been successful in negotiating paid administrative days or other MOUs with their employers.  Other locals have met with administrations entirely unwilling to consider any other option than employees using their own sick time.  Since the presidents are the ones involved in the negotiations with their administrators, you are best positioned to explain why a statewide policy for paid administrative days used for COVID-19 purposes is needed.
  • Please click here for the talking points to guide the conversation.
  • Please click here to enter the address of your school building to find your State Senator and State Representative.  We recommend that you search for the address of one of your school buildings in order to obtain the State Senator and State Representative for your school district, community college or university.