The Benefits of Reading for Fun

There’s a powerful academic impact, new research reveals, when students are voracious, voluntary readers….I could have told them that. LOL!

I think we all know that the more students read and are read to, the better academically they perform in a wide variety of subjects. Education Support Professionals have a unique opportunity to support and education the whole child. As ESPs whether we are the school bus driver, custodian or any ESP job category we can build that informal bond with students. Not one formed for a purpose of molding them to an academic standard or curriculum. Education support professionals have the unique opportunity to enhance every students education by building authentic relationships built on the needs of the whole child. When caring adults form healthy relationships with students, students are more apt to grow academically, emotionally, and with in the school community. Education Support Staff have a unique opportunity to have important encouraging conversations daily with students outside of the classroom that supports and builds school community. When students feel supported and have a connection within the education community they are far more likely to do better in school.

This next school year will begin very soon…and as you prepare to return to your schools, in your various job categories, I encourage you to have more REAL conversations with students. Be encouraging, listen, ask probing questions, but most of all let them know that no matter what, they are enough and that you care. #weloveESPs #rESPect #ESPsmakeadifference