ESP Unemployment Paperwork Support

We are extremely thankful that Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed House Bill 2643! But what now? Here are some links and supports from a fabulous ESP President Amy Evans who has struggled through the red tape to apply for this benefit. See below the resources she has provided.

Good afternoon All-

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has signed House Bill 2643, the legislation that extends unemployment insurance for non-instructional school employees until Sept. 4. It goes into effect immediately. I have been in contact with IEA and unemployment this morning to make sure I have as much information I can regarding this new piece of legislation to pass on.

The legislation allows non instructional, research or primarily administrative employees of educational employers are eligible to receive unemployment compensation during periods between academic terms or seasonal breaks, even if they have a “reasonable assurance” of returning to work in the next academic year.

Important points to know:
1.  This legislation does not apply to teachers. It ONLY applies to Non-Instructional staff.

2. While we realize there will be questions about eligibility, Canton Education Association CANNOT advise on how to complete forms for IDES. IEA has provided resource links (also linked below). This includes options to “click” within the application process. The information sheet has the suggestions for this.

A. Non-instructional school employees information sheet

 B. Claim process form

C. Before filing a claim, watch this 9-minute video

Here are some steps you may have to take to receive your unemployment benefit.

  1. File as listed above.
  2. You should receive a letter of UI Finding. This document will have your benefit amount along with your certifying date.
  3. You may also receive an Academic Personnel Questionnaire. Fill this out and send it in by the requested date.

**It is recommended by unemployment to upload this document onto the IDES website** Submit your Document here – IDES (illinois.gov)

  1. If you don’t receive your funds in 3-5 business days after certifying, call unemployment to get into the call-back que as soon as possible.
  2. In the meantime, you may receive a Claimant Notice of Possible Ineligibility. More than likely your benefit is on suspension due to having a return to work date submitted by the district to IDES. The district is not doing anything malicious to keep employees from receiving these benefits. After an employee certifies, the district is sent a document asking if employee A, B and C have reasonable assurance and have a return to work date. The district honestly answers yes. Once they do that, it immediately suspends the benefit.
  3. Once you receive a call-back, explain that you are a non-instructional school employee. IDES will check to see if you have all of your documents turned in.
  4. During this call they may transfer to an adjudicator. This person will release the suspension if all the proper documentation is submitted. If IDES is not able to transfer you at that time to the adjudicator, they will call you back.
  5. Once the adjudicator lifts the suspension, you should receive your benefit within 3-5 business days.
  6. During this process please remember to certify on your scheduled date. It is important to do this even if you are going through he adjudication process. If you do not certify the process will have to start from the beginning.

IDES would also like to share that there is a lot of fraud going on right now by email and text messages. IDES assured me that they will never send any correspondence that requires you to click a link. They will instruct you to go directly to the IDES website.  PLEASE! DO NOT clink on any links. If you have done so, contact IDES immediately. They will help you to correct this matter.

Keep in mind this is a problem within the system, not with the people at IDES.