Student Debt Advocacy

Hello, No matter who we are or how much we make, we should all have the opportunity to learn without limits. But the astronomical cost of higher education—even public higher education—forces many students to either forego their dreams or be trapped in a lifetime of debt. The student debt crisis is not accidental—it is working exactly as lawmakers, banks, and loan servicers intended.  Immediate and broad cancellation of federal student loan debt is a necessary step to ensure we all can thrive—no exceptions. 

We’re coming together—educators, activists, and students—for an important briefing on how we can win student debt cancellation. Sign up to join us Thursday, May 13 at 7:00 p.m. ET!Hear about the actions the Biden Administration has taken so far to address education debt with fairness and justice at the forefront—and the road ahead. Learn how by choosing education debt cancellation, policymakers can undo years of bad decisions that have denied opportunities to Black, brown, and Indigenous students for far too long. Find ways that educators, students, advocates, and allies are joining together to access new tools and raise our voices to rewrite the rules so all of us can thrive.  RSVP here to attend this important briefing on Thursday, May 13.

See you on Thursday!  

The NEA EdJustice Team  

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