Today, A New Challenge….I mean Opportunity

I’m sure you all are pretty much in the same situation. It seems like everyday is a new challenge….I mean opportunity. Every year we have challenges, students who struggle academically or emotionally. Families struggling to provide a safe and secure home environment. This year with Covid-19, I’ve seen more challenges and yet more opportunities than ever for educators to make a difference in the lives of our school community. ESPs are doing what we have always done, stepping up, reaching out, and filling the needs that are all around us.

It would be very easy for me to be pulled in to a mindset of bitterness and frustration! Today and everyday I choose my mindset. Like we teach our students, mindset is key to success.

Thank you for what you do everyday in the lives of your students, members, and communities!

Jill Scarcelli IEA ESP Council Chair

Top tips to create a positive mindset and help you unwind - 2i Recruit

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