Student Debt Relief-ESPs this is for you also!!

Do you have student loan debt for yourself or your kids? Register to find out more about federal student loan debt forgiveness!! I’m registering today to learn more!!

Educators should be able to pursue their passion without fear of student debt.  This challenge is not exclusive to teachers, but includes our Education Support Professionals as well. And for ESP, the problem is compounded by earnings even lower than teachers. Student debt—plus stagnant wages—means a career in public education is unaffordable for too many Americans.   

Everyone who wants to learn and grow should be able to afford to do so—without exceptions. That is why NEA is working with members, staff, and supporters to achieve immediate and broad cancellation of federal student loan debt. Invite your members and Affiliates to join experts as they share the tools and strategies we are utilizing to make student debt cancellation a reality for us all. 

The webinar will take place at two times: 4pm ET and 7pm ET on March 18. People can RSVP for whichever time works best for them. Everyone is invited to attend our webinars. Anyone interested can RSVP here. 

We also will be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” with NEA experts on Twitter after our second webinar. Anyone can ask a question by messaging #NEACancelsStudentDebt 8 p.m. ET – 9 p.m. on March 18

Education must be affordable and accessible to all. Yet for too many of us, the higher education costs to become educators has meant years and even decades of student debt. This system is working for the student loan providers and banks, but not for us. It is time to cancel our student debt. 

Just last year, NEA experts worked with members to obtain over $1 million in forgiveness and put even more on the path to forgiveness. Tune-in to find out how you can join that group and how we can join together to fight for student debt relief for all of us. 

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No one should have to choose between paying for basic living expenses or their education.  Together, we will rewrite the rules to make this a country a place where everyone can prosper. 

In solidarity, 

The NEA Student Debt Team