2021 IEA Legislative Priorities

IEA is advocating for all members and bringing our voice to the legislative table.

  • The State Budget
  • FMLA-HB12 (Costa-Howard)-Greatly benefits ESPs by lowering hours to qualify
  • Re-Calculation of SURS for adjunct professors-SB44 (Marwick)
  • Fixing the loss of stipends due to COVID for people in the retirement pipeline
  • Returning the TRS Board of Trustees to majority elected
  • COVID issues (Benchmarks, Paid Sick Days, Testing in Schools)
  • Strengthening Mentoring and Induction Program
  • Address the Digital Divide
  • Adjunct Professor Reloution-SJR2 (Martwick)
  • ESP Resolution (Villivalam)-Lays the legislative ground work of the importance of ESPs in public education

The ESP Council with the support of IEA has drafted an ESP Resolution that brings to light the importance of ALL ESPs to the success and safety of our students, colleagues, and community with in public education.