November 18th is National ESP Day!!!

Join NEA and schools across the country during American Education Week as we show our appreciation for our nation’s amazing school support staff! Every year since 1987, we have celebrated their dedication and commitment to education, but this year, we have seen ESPs go beyond anything we have seen before. ESPs are adapting to new learning and working environments, going to extraordinary lengths to meet the needs of their students. They continue to work to make our communities a better place in the midst of a pandemic.

Over the past several months, ESPs have been busy passing out meals to their communities, sanitizing school buildings, maintaining proper HVAC systems, supporting distance learning, making phone calls to check on students and so much more. Whether our schools are virtual, in-person, or a mix of both, ESPs are helping to ensure students are safe, healthy and ready to learn.

Let’s honor ESPs by recognizing their critical importance to public education and advocating for the professional respect they deserve. Celebrate the ESPs in your schools and communities, using our resources for online engagement and advocacy.
Check out the ESP Day toolkit.
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