ESP Wellness Check

If you are anything like me, you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed about now. In many districts students are back and school is in full swing. In my district we have started our back to in-school plan. We are in stage one where our pre-k and instructional students have returned and on Monday a new group of students will start. It definitely has been good to have students back in the building, but with that, added stress and concern has risen. The health and safety of everyone is front and foremost on our minds. The health and safety of all ESPs throughout Illinois is so important.

As I get overwhelmed I retract in to myself. What are you doing for self care? How are doing…No, how are you really doing?

I say this often, but thank you for all you do! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students!!

2 thoughts on “ESP Wellness Check”

  1. For self-care I like to listen to worship music and pray whether alone or with others it’s my favorite thing to do

    In regards to how I’m doing I’m great and ready for full no restriction in-person learning

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