Openings-IEA ESP Emerging Leaders Academy

Are you an ESP who is ready to grow your leadership skills or do you know of an ESP who is ready to take the next step in their leadership journey?

There are a few openings spots for ESP members for the IEA-NEA ESP EMERGING LEADERS ACADEMY (ESP-ELA).  This program trains current and future leaders on the leadership attitudes, skills, and knowledge needed to enhance your ability to be a visible and vocal advocate at the local, region, state, and national level.  Topics covered include what makes an effective leader, how to organize, build and maintain membership, how to work with difficult members and how to create an effective local organization.  Participants will also learn more about the IEA, NEA, Unions and Unionism.  This is a nine month (currently remote) learning program that starts in early October.  For additional information please contact Crystal Bush at crystal.bush@ieanea.org 

ESP Emerging Leaders Academy | Illinois Education Association