Truth Be Told

We are all teachers…whether you have a certificate or not. If you love a child, listen to a child, support a child, and yes teach a child, you are a teacher. This includes learning within a classroom or hallway… ESPs come in many job categories, and each and everyone is essential to the education and well being of the child.

Many of us don’t know what this next school year brings, or maybe you have been given a “plan”. Don’t worry… If we’ve learned anything that “plan” will change tomorrow. This school year for many of us will look very different. Different is change and change is hard. As we look to this year, the most important thing we need to decide is…is the “plan” that my district is presenting safe, following CDC and IDPH guidelines? Will I have all the PPE that I will need to stay safe? Your health and the health of your students is the most important thing there is!! If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your union president or uniserv director. NEA IEA are here to support you!!