IEA Webinar-best practices for new hire orientations

Does your region need support with upcoming new employee orientations? Would a refresher on the Stronger United toolkit resources be helpful to you? What will we do differently in a virtual environment to sign up new members and keep returning members engaged?
The Stronger United Recruitment, Retention and Engagement (SU RRE) team is pleased to announce a series of virtual trainings this week and next, to help locals with reaching potential members, recruitment and organizing. The content of these trainings is different than that provided by IEA membership processing to region offices for membership manias. Topics include best practices for new hire orientations, an ESP specific round table, the power of one-on-one conversations and more! Training dates and descriptors can be found on the registration page. Deadline to register is July 21.

The ideal participant in the training is a local membership chair, member organizer, president, welcome committee member, or other member looking to get more involved with their local.

Please contact IEAStronger@ieanea.org if you have any questions about the trainings.
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