In Our Desire To Get Kids Back To School, It’s Selfish To Not Consider The Health/Safety Of Educators

Like so many parents, even though fall is still a few months away, I’ve been thinking non-stop about WTF is going to happen when (and if) schools reopen. Will my kids’ school district be able to offer options that seem educationally and socially appropriate while also keeping my kids safe? Could we handle another potentially disastrous few months of distance learning? What would the risks be to my children if I did end up sending them back?

My instinct right now is that there is no way returning to school can be made safe enough for me to send my children back. I mean, enclosed spaces are known vectors of COVID-19, and half of the grown ups I see walking around town can’t properly wear a mask—how the heck would a room full of third graders pull this off? I just can’t imagine that school would be a safe or a happy place for my kids.

But. The other thing that I don’t really talk about is that my husband is a teacher, and I’m worried sick about him having to go back to work. My husband loves his job, and his students love him back. His school has very successfully implemented distance learning and he diligently sat at his desk at home from March-June delivering awesome virtual lessons to his middle school students.