From my heart to yours

How are you? No, really?! I don’t want the I’m fine answer that we give everyone or the funny meme on Facebook! How are YOU really?!

I’m going to admit something..and this is going to be hard for me. So forgive me if it doesn’t come out right….Over these last couple of weeks I’ve mentally shut down in part. I had to. I’ve watched mindless TV. Worked hours upon hours in my Google Classroom. I haven’t been able to listen to news updates. I haven’t been able to listen to the mayors, governors, or presidential updates. The numbers of victims from this virus…the pain and heartache that each family is feeling has really gutted me. The frustration I feel!! Thankfully Easter came…For me Easter has been a time of healing and has reminded me that it is always darkest before the dawn.

This morning as I watch the sun rise on this new day, I have never been more proud to be an ESP. ESP along with grocery clerks, truck drivers and restaurant workers, gas station attendants and so many more “ESSENTIAL” positions are holding this country together. This horrific virus has shined a 1000 watt spotlight on what and who makes this country great. It’s YOU! It’s all the people who are giving, helping, supporting, and working to make sure product gets to where it’s going, our shelves are restocked, and students are learning. It’s not only the doctors and nurses (heroes for sure), but the orderlies, custodians, the receptionists in healthcare…, It’s the educators who aren’t just thinking outside of the box to support and educate their students…they have to recreate the whole damn box. It’s you! You are ESP, you are doing your best to support students, districts, and communities during this dare I say, unprecedented time.

We can’t let this time be for nothing. We can’t let the lessons we are being taught now be forgotten in a few months. Now is the time that our voices matter most. Those positions who were not worth more than or barely above minimum wage 6 months ago are keeping our country going. Remember in November! Your voice, your vote matters!!

Jill Scarcelli, IEA ESP Council Secretary


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