We want to hear from you: Your Voice Matters!!

ESPs tell your story!

With the concern over ESPs, at this perilous time, and knowing that all ESPs matter. For this post I want to address school food service workers, who may fall ill or need to quarantine/self isolate, how might schools be able to address still making sure kids are fed? Concerns over running afoul of CBAs? Concerns over our members losing their jobs, etc., but how to have hands on deck to get the food out.


Our goal is to provide examples of solutions that could do a few things 1) ensure the food industry doesn’t use this time as an opportunity to push privatization of our food service workers and 2) provide a healthy list of ideas schools can use that would prevent them from putting their operations at unnecessary risk by having one central food preparation and distribution school.

Please send your ideas to Tim Barchak, TBarchak@nea.org ASAP. Feel free to collaborate with your colleagues on ideas or share what your district is doing.