March 15, 2020

Yesterday, the Illinois State Board of Education held a series of “town hall” meetings all day Sunday with superintendents and other public education stakeholders from around the state to provide information and answer questions about the upcoming emergency-ordered school closings.

Another meeting with stakeholders will be held in the morning to try to finalize some details and give closure to several issues. One thing is very clear, all regularly employed school employees will be paid for Act of God days regardless of whether they are salary or hourly.

And, one other lingering question answered Sunday that will be important for Monday (because the closure does not officially start until Tues., March 17), is that the day can be considered a regular school day, an emergency day or a teacher institute day. If a district has used all of its emergency days, it can be taken as an Act of God day.

Here is the update from State School Superintendent Carmen Ayala for Sunday. Please watch for Monday’s Covid-19 update on this page as it should be full of important information.

Also, on Sunday, the State of Illinois announced the number of Covid-19 cases jumped another 23 cases and added the counties of Champaign, Clinton, Whiteside and Winnebago.

Please feel free to provide any feedback or questions to COVID19Guidance@ieanea.org.