Education Support Professionals

About ESPs

The 510,000 Educational Support Professional members of the National Education Association and the 29,500 ESP members of the Illinois Education Association take care of our children every day and make sure they have the tools they need to succeed in our schools and classrooms. We are truly the unsung heroes of public education.

We are the…

  • school bus driver who greets your child with a warm “hello” and delivers your child safely to school
  • cafeteria worker who gives your daughter a warm, healthy meal
  • paraeducator who provides your child with a little extra help in the classroom
  • school nurse who comforts your sick child
  • office assistant who makes sure your son’s records are up to date
  • technician who wires the classroom computers
  • custodian who works to keep the school environment safe and clean
  • security professional who help keep students and school employees safe.

Please click the above link to visit your IEA ESP page for a wealth of information and tons of resources for all ESPs.