Membership Kick Off at the IEA Minooka Office

Today a fabulous group of members attended the IEA Membership Kickoff that was hosted at the Minooka IEA Office! Members spent their day honing their skills to better represent their members.

Topics covered were: Members Benefits, Getting to Know Legal, Membership Processing, IEA Communication: Tools and Tricks, Elections Training, Tips For Starting The Year, TRS, IMRF, and Financials Procedures Training.

NEA and IEA staff presented multiple topics but we were honored to have members from area locals also present. Patricia Hendrix, SEEGC (ESP) and Jill Scarcelli, TROY EDU. ASSO. (ESP) – Both members of the IEA ESP Council were two of today’s presenters. Also presenting were Jen Silverman, TROY EDU. ASSO. (Certified) and Megan Krull, Braceville EA. (Certified)

#Nosummersoff #StrongerUnited #rESPect