Member Benefits

Your IEA membership guarantees representation at the bargaining table and ensures you have access to free legal services should the need ever arise.

UniServ Directors – IEA’s front-line

UniServ Directors (UDs), located at 22 offices statewide, are IEA’s front-line support for your local association. UDs advocate for your best professional interests and support your efforts to provide high-quality education. Your working conditions are your students’ learning conditions. Like you, IEA wants both to be the best they can be.

Contract negotiations

As a public education employee, your union, as your exclusive bargaining representative, has the legal right to negotiate the terms of your employment. Your contract is the basis for most of your employee rights. It spells out your working hours, evaluation process, work/life benefits, job responsibilities, use of social media and school safety.

Your UD supports your local representatives as they negotiate contracts representing your – and ultimately your students’ – best interests.

Other areas of expertise

UDs also help your local association, at no additional cost, with:

Contract interpretation • Grievance processing • Job security protection • Training programs to meet local needs • Employee counseling for work-related problems • Arbitration case presentations • Unemployment information • Bargaining crisis preparation • Retirement concerns • Public relation programs development • Governance matters assistance • Civil rights violations process • IEA-NEA benefits access