The Path to Leadership as an ESP

I’ve lost count of how many ESPs have said to me when describing their career as, “I’m just a teachers aid”, or I’m just a bus driver”. This is so far from the truth!! You educate the future!! It’s right in your title you are an Education Support Professional! There are many ESP job categories, all equally as important. Imagine a school day if just one category was taken away. Students, and learning would suffer GREATLY!! You name it, an ESP touches every aspect of a students day. Bus drivers are the first and last person students see, nurses keep them healthy administering medication, cafeteria staff gives our students the nourishment for them to stay focused, security keeps everyone safe, and so so much more. Listen to Saul Ramos NEA ESP of the year 2017 explains his leadership story and experiences as an ESP.

On the #SchoolMe podcast, Saúl Ramos shares his ESP leadership story and experience as a paraeducator.

Take a listen 🎧👇