IEA ESP Council Member Visits Region Meeting

Illinois Senator Mike Hastings

I had the privilege to attend Region 51’s monthly meeting, which was held at the IEA office in Minooka, Illinois, this past Thursday Feb. 28th. Illinois Senator Michael Hastings was the honored speaker for the evening. Many topics were discussed but the 3% cap was the hot topic of the evening and how it is effecting many districts during the already stressful time of bargaining.

How does 3% effect ESPs if it pertains to certified staff retirement compensation?

Past practices have shown that ESP IMRF contribution rules usually follow TRS contribution rules. So if we don’t speak out now our own IMRF contributions could soon be capped at the 3% limit also.

Illinois has many districts that are “wall to wall.” Wall to wall contracts cover ESPs and certified staff under one contract. This usually means that all members under the contract get the same raise. The 3% cap is effecting ESPs who are already suffering from low wages making it much more difficult to get the raises they need and deserve.

Contact your local legislator: http://www.capwiz.com/nea/il/home/

A special thank you to Region Chair Dennis Grosskopf, Vice-Chair Beth Duesing, and Region GPA Kristin McGuire

I wanted to also thank Dennis Grosskopf for allowing me speak and hand out IEA ESP Council information at the meeting. We are ESP! StrongerUnited!

Jill Scarcelli-IEA ESP Council Member