IEA-NEA ESP Emerging Leaders Academy

!!!!!ESP’s PLEASE READ!!!!!!

Have you ever wanted to take more of a leadership role at a local, state, or national level? The IEA-NEA ESP Emerging Leaders Academy is committed to helping ESP members acquire skills and the confidence needed to lead at the local level. Many program graduates have even stepped into state or national leadership positions. This strength and success has seeded a desire to expand its positive impact.

!!!!!The IEA-NEA is so committed to helping members grow and develop into strong leaders that all participants are fully funded for the following expenses:  Airfare, lodging in Denver, Colorado, at the Summer Leadership Academy and at the organizing project location. Breakfast and lunch, some dinners, substitute pay or salary reimbursement, and attendance to the NEA Leadership Summit are also fully funded.

This really is a GREAT opportunity for any ESP member.