IEA-NEA ESP Emerging Leaders Academy

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The Illinois Education Association is partnering with the National Education Association to provide an IEA-NEA ESP Emerging Leaders Academy (ESP-ELA) based on the highly successful NEA Leaders for Tomorrow’s program (LFT).  The ESP-ELA was develop to provide support and leadership training for IEA’s emerging ESP leaders.   Many of IEA’s ESP leaders have attended the LFT program which has been instrumental in helping IEA’s ESP members acquire skills and the confidence needed to lead at the local level. Many program graduates have even stepped into state or national leadership positions. This strength and success has seeded a desire to expand its positive impact.


ESP’s Make a Difference Everyday

This school cafeteria manager has gone bananas. The kids love it.

“I want them to succeed in life and have an awesome day at school,” she said. “Whenever I can put a smile on all of those little faces, I’ve done my job.”

Although only about 10 percent of Kingston’s 540 students put bananas on their trays each day, many more have found Truman’s daily words of wisdom delightful, said the school’s principal, Sharon Shewbridge.

“She’s helped the kids to make healthier choices,” said Shewbridge. “But it’s more than that. Stacey genuinely cares and wants them to know they are loved. What I especially appreciate is that she does this without being directed or asked.” Read full article…